Study Tips for students

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Study Tips for students by Mind Map: Study Tips for students

1. Spacing out your studying

1.1. Getting ready for a test the night before or the day of will only burn you out. A great study tip is to study in short periods of time through out time. Having study sessions of 15 or 30 minutes will help keep you stress free and allow you to keep practicing the material.

2. Test yourself

2.1. Asking your self questions that will be similar to the ones on the test, helps you be ready for what you may encounter. Another way to test yourself is by coming up with questions, this helps you think about the concept deeper.

2.1.1. Digging deeper while studying will combine new information with old information and broaden your knowledge on the subject. Asking questions like why, how and where will open the chances to learning new things.The more you understand a subject, the more confident you will be and the more you will remember it.

3. Trying more than textbooks and your notes

3.1. Sticking to just reading material will bore you and keep you from putting into action what you are learning. Finding interesting videos about the subject or writing down important facts about the material are both great ways to help prepare for a test.

4. Different concepts

4.1. Sticking to one concept will decrease your attention as you already know what is coming next. Mixing it up with different concepts you'll see on the test keeps you on your toes. Mixing subjects can help you see the difference or similarities between them making you comprehend everything better.

5. Make a plan.

5.1. Organization is key. Planning ahead of time what days you will study, how long and what will keep you motivated and active. Studying regularly will make it a habit and will improve your ability to focus while studying.

6. Get enough sleep

6.1. Sometimes people may think that losing sleep to study will help them but it will do more harm than good. Getting enough sleep ensures your brain is getting the rest it needs to retain information and helps you stay focused during your test.

7. Study group

7.1. Working with someone else who understands what you are getting ready for will make things easier. Two brains are better than one, and what you may not know someone else might and vice versa. Motivation each other to learn and to feel more confident about testing is a big advantage for everyone.