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History by Mind Map: History

1. Silence

1.1. supression

1.1.1. the voices of those with little power are often silenced

1.2. forgotten

1.2.1. are there cultures who were never written about, whose oral stories were forgotten, whose artificats were weathered away? probably

1.2.2. there also may be important things who made who I am today that I have forgotten, but are still a part of me, to put it on a smaller scale

1.3. unknown

1.3.1. I do not know what I do not know (ie. who's story have I not yet heard? how do I find out where to look?)

1.3.2. I remember starting a research project for an internship and wondering how to create the right questions to answer. I had to talk to a lot of people in the company to know where to ask questions and what factors to consider when making my questions

1.4. ommission

1.4.1. sometimes information is not included on accident, but sometimes it is purposeful

1.4.2. not having your voice heard is a terrible feeling

1.4.3. I wonder, how can we make more voices heard? Even thinking of our democracy where many think their single vote has no impact, how can we make people realize their voice matters?

2. Power

2.1. Influence

2.1.1. when I hear a story about a topic I know little about that resonates with me, it will influence how I view that topic. If the information is faulty or incomplete, this can be dangerous

2.1.2. I try to be influenced more by sources I trust than others, but the memory is a fickle thing!

2.1.3. family can have a large influence on your view of external and personal history

2.2. wealth

2.2.1. the rich can bribe newspapers, businesses, politicians, etc to get the information out that they want the world to see

2.3. loud

2.3.1. there is often a dominant narrative in a specific area or culture that is made/influenced by someone or something of power

2.3.2. how do we know who to listen to?

2.4. words

2.4.1. words can illicit an emotional response that can cause you to take action or think differently

3. Data

3.1. qualitative

3.1.1. feels more personal

3.2. quantitative

3.2.1. what I am more comfortable with!

3.2.2. can be so easy to skew/manipulate

3.2.3. can be within to the "elite" scholarly crowd

3.2.4. intuitively feels more honest, but often isn't

3.3. big

3.3.1. there is too much information in the world to analyze it all

3.3.2. the more perspectives we hear, the closer we can get to the bottom of things

3.4. analyze

3.4.1. there are so many ways to interpret data! it is fun making a story out of all the individual pieces

3.4.2. I hope to use data analysis as a main factor of my future career, but I want to do it ethically and thoughtfully