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Urban Eatz Delivery by Mind Map: Urban Eatz Delivery

1. Challenges

1.1. Wearing many hats, not getting burned out

1.2. Trusting other people to do their jobs consistently

1.3. Time management

1.4. Balancing the right amount of drivers/vendors/customers

1.5. Marketing

2. 1 of few minority delivery app owners, catering to an underserved market that generates $3.2B/year according to TechCrunch and Crunchbase.

2.1. Offering a higher quality of product, while taking a lower commission. For example, we don’t deal with chain vendors because their food is cheaper

2.1.1. Due to the climate of this country, supporting black businesses has become a social movement My competitors have had a lot of bad press lately, so we can capitalize off of their negatives

3. Actions

3.1. Pay drivers similar to waitresses, that way they have guaranteed money plus commissions and tips

3.2. Waive sign up fees

3.3. Offer incentives for drivers and vendors

3.4. Raise expansion capital by offering franchise opportunities, it helps my business to grow, while having someone in other markets that knows the market but also has something to lose by not performing as well as I would like. Also, we raise major funds with residuals. Win win for me

4. Opportunities

5. Marketplace Changes

5.1. Tech is constantly changing.

5.1.1. Legislation is being drafted to change drivers from 1099 contractors to employees and having business owners to provide insurance, which will increase operating costs. Covid-19/Vaccination Turnover Rate for drivers

6. Issues

6.1. Fundraising

6.1.1. Monetizing my app, whether it is being used or not

6.2. Making sure that we scale at the right pace