Concept Map - NCERT Grade 7

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Heat by Mind Map: Heat

1. Form of energy that flows from a hotter region to a colder region

1.1. Measured in Joule

2. Temperature - the degree of hotness or coldness of a body

2.1. It is measured with the help of a thermometer

2.2. Measured in degree Celsius, Farenheit, Kelvin

2.3. Types of thermometer

2.3.1. Clinical Measures body temperature Range - 35-42 degree Celsius or 94 to 108 degree Farenheit

2.3.2. Laboratory Used to measure temperature of substances in a lab Range - -10 to 110 degree celsius

2.4. Temperature conversion

2.4.1. degree Celsius to Farenheit =oC =(oF-32)*5/9

2.4.2. degree Farenheit to Celsius = oF= (oC *9/5)+32

3. Temperature scales - Farenheit, Celsius and Kelvin

4. Heat Transfer Methods

4.1. Conduction

4.1.1. Takes place in solids

4.1.2. Conductors Insulators Do not allow heat to pass through them Examples - Wood, plastic, rubber etc. Allows heat to pass through them Examples - Copper, Aluminium, Iron

4.2. Convection

4.2.1. Takes place in liquids and gases

4.2.2. Land breeze - takes place during night time and cool breeze from land blows on the sea

4.2.3. Sea breeze - takes place during day time and cool breeze from sea blows to the land

4.3. Radiation

4.3.1. Thermos flask All the three modes of heat transfer allows the liquids to keep warm

4.3.2. We prefer wearing light coloured clothes in summer and dark clothes in winter

4.4. Takes place throug electromagnetic waves, does not need a medium