They both die at the end

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They both die at the end by Mind Map: They both die at the end

1. Point of views

1.1. First person pov

1.1.1. “I need more time answering this.” Page: 31

1.1.2. “A little over 12 hours ago that death-cast dude hit me up telling I’m a goner today.” Page: 214

1.1.3. “I have 1 condition.” page: 78

2. Tense

2.1. Modern time

2.1.1. “I receive a message from a 18 year old girl.” Page: 72

2.1.2. “I don’t want to pick up the phone.” Page: 4

2.1.3. “I always wanted to stumble into someone like you and it sucks that i had to find out on a stupid app” page: 340

3. Main characters

3.1. Antagonist

3.1.1. There is no antagonist or anti-hero

3.2. Protagonists

3.2.1. Rufus

3.2.2. Mateo

4. Themes

4.1. Human Connection and Social Media

4.1.1. app Last Friend, there rufus and mateo met

4.2. Choices and Consequences

4.2.1. question yourself: what would u do on your last 24 hours

4.2.2. what will happen if im dead? what are the consequences?

5. Symbols

5.1. Photos

5.1.1. Rufus telling the world through an insta photo that he lived in color when he almost died

5.1.2. Mateo looks at a printed photo of his father and himself on one of his birthdays

5.2. Mateo's birth

5.2.1. Mateo's birth symbolizes the connection of life and death, Mateo's mother died at birth. When confronted with his own death, Mateo thinks a lot about his birth

6. Author

6.1. Adam Silvera

6.1.1. 31 years (7 June 1990) The bronx, New York City

6.1.2. 2015-now active writing Young adult and LGBT genre

6.1.3. tells in the present