Things that plants need

How to know what plants need

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Things that plants need by Mind Map: Things that plants need

1. 1.sunlight

1.1. Plants cannot grow without the sunlight


2.1. If the plants so big and the root on the pot,the root start come out the soil and this will not good for plants

2.1.1. Help:When this happen,we need to put the plants in the big pot

2.1.2. So,we need to make sure plants we live in the house away's have enough space so they can keeping growing

3. 4.air

3.1. Plants breath air we breath out

3.2. We breath air the plants made

4. 3.water

4.1. We cannot give the plants to much water or do not well or not enough water

5. 2.soil

5.1. It the root pull out the soil,they cannot take the water and will die