Elementary Mathematics

MTE 280-Rabab Ali

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Elementary Mathematics by Mind Map: Elementary Mathematics

1. Week One

1.1. Introduction to the class.

1.2. Introduction to Ten frame, Ploya's Problem Solving and Early Number Sense.

2. Week Five

2.1. Continued with Subtraction and Introduction Multiplication

2.2. Build-Show Multiplication

3. Week Four

3.1. Alternative Algorithms Addition Scratch and Lattice

3.2. Build, Show, and Solve Subtractions

4. Week Six

4.1. Alternative Algorithms Multiplications

4.2. Exam One Review

5. Week Three

5.1. Labor Day-No Class

5.2. Alternative Algorithms Addition

6. Week Two

6.1. Introduction to Base ten and others

6.2. Build and Show Addition

7. Week Seven

7.1. Division

8. Week Eight

8.1. Division and intro to Fractions

9. Week Nine

9.1. Comparing and Solving Fractions

9.2. Multiply and Dividing Fractions Algorithms

10. Week Ten

10.1. Show Additions, Subtractions, and Multiply for Fractions and Decimals

10.2. Solving Decimals

11. Week Eleven

11.1. Exam Two review and two color counters

12. Week Twelve

12.1. Exam Two

12.2. Divisibility Rules and Zero Bank

13. Week Thirteen

13.1. Showing Integers

13.2. Solving Add/Sub integers and All of Multiplication

14. Week fourteen

14.1. Multiply Integers-Build, Show, Solve

14.2. Scientific Notation

15. Week Fifteen

15.1. Order of Ops

15.2. Exam Three