The study of language

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The study of language by Mind Map: The study of language

1. Modes of language

1.1. Speech

1.1.1. -basic language -express thoughts

1.2. Sign language

1.2.1. -physical movement to communicate -gestures that animals use to communicate

1.3. Writing

1.3.1. -written word related to object -symbol

2. Studing linguistice structural

2.1. Principies stipulating how the structures that rules create should be used

2.2. Rules governing the pronunciation of sounds

3. Language as part of a semiotic system

3.1. Voices, such a humans, animals,or sound can only be said to be language or function as language when the sound or sound expresses or expresses certain ideas, meanings

4. In this materi we lear about language, namely English

4.1. Language is a tool for communicatio between humans in everyday life

4.2. Language is not only in the form of verbs or spoken but also in the form of movement where the movement will explain what is desired.