Youth - Events

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Youth - Events by Mind Map: Youth - Events

1. Café

2. 2021

2.1. Upcoming

2.1.1. Sunday Mornings Cafe Volunteers/Specific Roles Needs List Schedule Donuts

2.1.2. Missions Night

2.1.3. Thanksgiving Theme Night

2.1.4. Thanksgiving Celebration

2.1.5. Christmas Mission 1st Weekend in Dec. Sign cards on Wed. 1st Get LG to sign up to go

2.1.6. Christmas Party

2.1.7. Wednesday Nights Promotion Text Reminds Social Media Volunteers LIFE Group Leaders A/V Team Connections Cafe Volunteers Needs List for Each Evening Set-Up/Procedures Inventory Schedule Pizza Order Every Wednesday PIck-Up Pizza (Lee Gilbert) Set-Up for Serving (Serena)

2.2. Completed

2.2.1. Fields of Faith Promotion Students Encouragers Block Party Volunteers Material Please take out buns this afternoon so they aren't cold tomorrow when starting to wrap the dogs. Schedule 330pm - Head to stadium to set-up/secure location 400pm - Hot Dog prep/wrap 515pm - Deliver hot dogs to stadium 530pm - Tailgate begins! 630pm - Head to stadium w/students 7pm - Fields of Faith begins 8pm - Event Ends Luke Let Mindy and Erin in at 415pm @ Main Kitchen Backdoor

2.2.2. HS Fall Retreat Promotion Remind Social Media Newsletter Announcements Registration Deadline Confirm Process Setup TP Reg. Leaders Male Female Transportation Inquire/Secure One more Van or Trailer Lodging Confirm Arrival/Departure Times Cabin Info Food Place Sam's Order Pick-up Sam's Order Make a Menu Schedule Next Year? Misc. Tasks to Complete

2.2.3. Womens Simulcast Volunteers Gracie Luke and Reagan Perry to serve coffee Schedule Prep Brew Coffee Gather/Prep Material

2.2.4. Parent Meeting Food Set up Table Set Out Drinks Order PIzza Pickup Pizza Agenda Kimber Update Looking Back Looking Forward

2.2.5. Halloween Party Costume Contest Prizes?? Best Overall Most Creative Funniest Youth Team Favorite Food Pizza Candy Table Cookies Specialty Coffee Beverage: Boo Berry Mocha (brought in berry and mocha syrup for this) Decorating

2.2.6. Harvest Festival

3. 2022

3.1. Upcoming

3.1.1. Middle School Retreat Promotion Social Media Newsletter Lodging Transportation Registration

3.1.2. High School Retreat Promotion Social Media Lodging Transportation Food Registration

3.2. Completed

3.2.1. New Years Party

3.2.2. Easter Volunteers Registration Determine Roles

3.2.3. Love & Honor

3.2.4. The Mix

3.2.5. Falls Creek