My Education Narrative

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My Education Narrative by Mind Map: My Education Narrative

1. Privilege through my educational experiences:

2. Students in LCSD were mostly not very privileged. The district was very large and covered many areas of poverty. I was certainly more privileged than most of my peers in this school.

2.1. I was very uncomfortable with how privileged my peers at SJCNY were compared to my experience in high school. The majority of the student body was white and went to less diverse high schools or private schools. I felt that these students didn’t understand how lucky we were compared to some of my peers in high school.

2.1.1. I found that many of the students in Sachem had similar attitudes to my peers at SJCNY. I went back to Longwood to work with disadvantaged students in afternoon school. Many of these students had very little and despite having bad reputations, were thankful for the smallest of kind gestures. Now, working in Riverhead, I see many students that come from poverty. Many students live in trailers and go through extreme struggles.

3. Education history of my family:

3.1. Two of my cousins are teachers: Rob and Nicole.

3.2. My mother and father are not educators but both attended college.

4. Expectations of achievement:

4.1. I am my parents’ oldest child. I feel that I have set my own expectations for my achievements, regardless of family members.

5. Advice on the purpose of education:

5.1. As a child I was told that it was important to get an education so I could get a respectful job and earn a good wage.

5.1.1. Now I feel that education plays a larger role in life than simply attempting to make a good wage. While money is important in life, it is important to have an education so that you can be a informed citizen.

6. Formative experiences with education:

6.1. Attended LCSD

6.1.1. Attended SJCNY and took undergrad classes in education and history. I began student teaching at LCSD. Graduated SJCNY and was hired as a substitute teacher for LCSD. Accepted a leave replacement at LJHS. What is a “good” education? My student teaching mentor taught me everything I truly know about the act of being an educator. He taught me that helping students get a good education didn’t just refer to teaching them about history but also teaching them about life and giving students avenues to improve themselves.

7. Contextual Consistency:

7.1. LCSD was a very large and diverse school district.

7.1.1. SJCNY was substantially less diverse than my high school. Students were much more privileged than my peers in high school. Sachem High School was much less diverse and more economically stable than the other districts I’ve worked in. Riverhead is quite diverse but there are a lot of issues regarding racism. My classes at Northeastern are fully online, unlike my undergrad experience at SJCNY.

8. The enculturation process:

8.1. Building rapport

8.1.1. Building connections Giving respect to gain respect

9. Education as an institution

9.1. As a teacher I have quickly learned that education is a business. Things need to be done in a very specific way in order to please everyone. In my opinion there is a lack of accountability in the institution.

10. My burning question:

10.1. Are school districts actually trying to help students or are they trying to help themselves?