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Urbanisation by Mind Map: Urbanisation

1. the lack of resoures in rural areas

2. Between 1950 and 1990, while the urban population in LEDCs douled, the increase was less than half in MEDCs

3. Since 1950, urbanisation has grown rapidly

4. Definition: The process by which urban areas grow bigger

5. Reality

5.1. In more economically developed countries ( MEDCs)

5.1.1. people left home to find jobs in the rapidly expanding industries in big towns and cities

5.2. happened during the period of industrialisation, before the 1950s

5.3. In less economically developed countries

6. Cause of urbanisation in LEDCs

6.1. Do harm to small farmers

7. Why rural citizens are "pulled" to cities

7.1. higher living standard

7.2. seeking for their fotune