Foot Detox Baths

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Foot Detox Baths by Mind Map: Foot Detox Baths

1. Foot Detox Baths, also called ionic foot detoxification, ionizing water detoxification, aqua/water detoxification, and active water detoxification, are all pseudoscientific methods marketed as capable of eliminating toxins from the body. They function by supplying an electrical charge to an electrode immersed in a saline solution. While the electrolytes in the solution are used to draw minerals from the body's cells, the electrolytes released by the body itself burn off excess salt accumulation in the cells. The electrolytes are then quickly returned to the rest of the body through the pores of the skin. The theory is that the salt content of our foods is what makes us get sick. Learn more at IonizeMe Maxx - Powerful Ionic Detox Foot Bath System