2023 Musical

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2023 Musical by Mind Map: 2023 Musical

1. Settings

1.1. Old SSC

1.1.1. Around some year in the 1900s.

1.2. Modern SSC

1.2.1. 2023

2. Characters

2.1. Stephen - the main protagonist

2.1.1. Background A 2021 boy who got invited to attend SSC but went back in time.

2.1.2. Characteristics

2.2. Stephanie - the main protagonist

2.2.1. Background A 1900s student studying in SSC.

2.2.2. Characteristics

2.3. The Antagonist

3. Plot

3.1. The Strange School

3.1.1. One day, Stephen received an invitation letter to attend St. Stephen's College.

3.1.2. When he arrived at St. Stephens College, he found out it was old and haunted. He thought the letter was some kind of trolling and pranking. Despite this, he decided to keep exploring the school.

3.2. Back in Time

3.2.1. When he arrived at TSK hall, he saw a rusty bell at the bell plaza. He was curious about it, so he went to ring it. At first, the bell didn't make any sound. He rang it the second time. All of a sudden, students began to emerge from the classrooms. (Indicating it is in the past)

3.3. Meeting Stephanie

3.3.1. After the going-back-in-time part, Stephen met Stephanie. Stephen kept blurting out that he felt strange since he is wearing the Old SSC uniform and everything seems alien to him.