Drugs used in Dentistry

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Drugs used in Dentistry by Mind Map: Drugs used in Dentistry

1. Local Anesthetics

1.1. Esters

1.1.1. Allergy Common especially with topical anesthetics; localized erythema & edema

1.1.2. Overdose Unlikely, unless genetic deficiency is present (atypical plasma cholinesterase)

1.1.3. Side Effects Rare; sedation (drowsiness) is common

1.2. Amides

1.2.1. Allergy Extremely rare/nonexistent. "Alleged" allergy if anything to component of solution

1.2.2. Overdose Most common ADR, CNS depression; manifested as drowsiness or seizures

1.2.3. Side Effects Rare; sedation most common

2. Antiobiotics

2.1. Allergy

2.1.1. Common; high allergic potential to many.

2.2. Overdose

2.2.1. Rare; nonexistent with penicillin

2.3. Side Effects

2.3.1. Rare; upset GI

3. Analgesics

3.1. Nonopioid

3.1.1. Allergy Common; high allergy potential (aspirin)

3.1.2. Overdose Common; salicylism

3.1.3. Side Effects Common

3.2. Opioid

3.2.1. Allergy Uncommon

3.2.2. Overdose Common; CNS depression (drowsiness) + respiratory depression

3.2.3. Side Effects Most common ADR; clinically manifested as nausea or vomiting; orthostatic hypotension

4. Anxiolytics/Sedative-hypontics

4.1. Benzodiazepines

4.1.1. Allergy Uncommon

4.1.2. Overdose Uncommon; CNS depression manifested as overdose sedation (excessive drowsiness)

4.1.3. Side Effects Most common ADR; nausea, rare vomiting

5. Nonbenzodiazepines

5.1. Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen

5.1.1. Allergy Rare; never reported

5.1.2. Overdose Common; over-sedation (excessive drowsiness)

5.1.3. Side Effects Most common ADR; nausea, rare vomiting