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1. It's power.

1.1. When we were created we were given the ability to speak, to communicate with each other.

1.1.1. This gift comes directly from God. In the beginning this word was able to create what surrounds us. Our words are powerful enough to get what we want but essentially create motivation.

2. It is a means by which we manifest ourselves.

2.1. We use it to manifest ourselves to the world.

2.1.1. This means that we are able to show what language we speak in a world with a variety of them. We get the way to show what we imagine, dream, or believe. We expose what others cannot see inside us.

3. It's a force.

3.1. We can receive it as an anbility that no somebody else has in this world. Because others act by instinct.

3.1.1. We express ourselves by a language that has a structure and has a level of complexity. With our communication we can create events in our lives, we share moments of the past that at the same time cause us an emotional effect in the present.

4. It's a tool of magic

4.1. We can consider THE WORD as a tool of magic that we can use for several things in our daily life.

4.1.1. We can build and destroy with this one. It can be used for our benefit or for our downfall. The magic of this tool can be diferent depending on the use that we give to it.

5. It's pure magic

5.1. If we use THE WORD for evil it will automatically become black magic.

5.1.1. This kind of magic can change the life of a lot of people, if It is black magic we will get people contaminated. If the magic of our words is black, we will fill people up with fears to the point become crazy or feel desperate.