Unlimited liability enterprise

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Unlimited liability enterprise by Mind Map: Unlimited liability enterprise

1. Partnership enterprises

1.1. Structure partner council

1.1.1. Member council

1.1.2. The chairman Legal representative Convene meetings 1 vote in the partner council

1.1.3. Limited liability partner Individuals and organisations Not hold management power Can invest in LLC, JSC and other Partnership

1.1.4. General partner Individual only Can invest in LLC and JSC

1.2. Making decision

1.2.1. Partner council

1.2.2. Limited partner can make decision only if The Charter regulates

1.2.3. If in the Charter don't regulate, must have at leat 3/4 general partner approval

1.3. Termination

1.3.1. Transfered contributed capital to others

1.3.2. Withdraw the contributed capital 3/4 general partners approval Liable within 2 years

1.3.3. Request company buy capital's partner

2. Private enterprises

2.1. Owner

2.1.1. Only 1 individual

2.1.2. Bear with unlimited liability

2.1.3. Owner can invest in LLC or JSC

2.1.4. Cannot transfer capital

2.2. Non legal person

2.2.1. Entitled to selll

2.2.2. Lease enterprise