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Software by Mind Map: Software

1. Open source

1.1. System software

1.1.1. Operating system Function of os 1🔺It basically runs the computer and allows other programs to run as well. 2🔺It acts as an interface between the user and the computer hardware and software applications. 3🔺It managers tasks and resources such as memory, input and output devices, processes and storage units. it also allows interaction with the hardware devices. 4🔺It monitors the computer performance and prevents unauthorized the processes from being executed. 5🔺It keeps the computer secure by preventing unauthorized access to data. 6🔺It organizes application programs on the computer where users can run multiple applications at the same time without any overlap or errors between the processes. all application programs use the RAM and processor to some extent. 7🔺It constantly monitors the system for detecting errors and tries to correct them. Types of os 1. Multi-tasking Operating Systems “ windows “ 2. Multiprocessing Operating Systems “ use more than one cpu “ 3.Time Sharing Operating System “Allows multiple users to access a computer system concurrently “ 4. Network Operating System “ except these beginning with < window server > 5.Real-time Operating System” which input, output and processing are done at the same time” Ex of computer os Disk os (DOS) Window os Unix os Macintosh os

1.1.2. Ultimately programs Ex of utilitly program 1. Antivirus 2. Compression 3. Backup 4. Defragment 5. Firewall

1.2. Application software

1.2.1. Application software ex: 1. Word processing app “word” 2. Spreadsheet App “ excel “ 3. Database App ”Access” 4. Desktop Publishing “ Adobe Photoshop” 5. Web Browsing Applications” google, chrom” 6. E-Mail Software “ outlook” 7. Photo Editing Software “ Photoshop” 8. Computer Games

2. Closed source