Principles of marketing management

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Principles of marketing management by Mind Map: Principles of marketing management

1. Management orientations

2. Customer driven marketing strategy

3. Marketing strategy

3.1. Market segmentation

3.2. Market targeting

3.3. Market positioning

4. Strategic planning

4.1. Mission

4.2. Set objectives

4.3. Analyze Portfolio

4.4. Value chain

5. Overview

5.1. Purpose of this module

5.2. Examine the macro and micro environments and evaluate the strategic fit between company strengths and market opportunities

5.3. Indicative Content

5.3.1. The foundation of marketing

5.3.2. Customer orientation

5.3.3. Marketing strategy

5.3.4. Marketing management

6. Building customer relationships

7. Marketing

7.1. What is marketing

7.2. Marketing process

7.2.1. Determine needs and wants

7.2.2. Design customer driven marketing strategy

7.2.3. Construct marketing program that delivers superior value

7.2.4. Build relationships and delight the customer

7.2.5. Capture value from customer to achieve profits

7.3. Marketing myopia

7.4. System

8. Marketing mix