Job And Working

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Job And Working by Mind Map: Job And Working

1. Make a great impression in a job interview

1.1. Manner

1.1.1. Wear appropriate clothes

1.1.2. Men wear vest or trousers and shirt

1.1.3. Women can look like men or wear business clothes

1.2. Behaviour

1.2.1. Self - confidence

1.2.2. Sociable

1.2.3. Happy and optimistic

1.2.4. Body language

1.3. Professional

1.3.1. Look for information

1.3.2. Use Internet very work

1.3.3. Learning knowledge

2. Good qualities at work

2.1. Responsibility

2.1.1. Employers Give the right job Understanding employees Respect There are rules Have professional ethics Good communication skill

2.1.2. Worker Work hard Respect Follow the general rules Encounter with environment Flexible Creation Good communication

2.2. High endurance

2.3. Fast work progress

2.4. Good communication skill

2.5. Have professional ethics

3. Working overtime

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. Earn more money

3.1.2. Your career can develop more

3.1.3. Increase work effciency

3.1.4. Improve relationships with colleagues

3.1.5. Improve skills

3.2. Defect

3.2.1. Physical health

3.2.2. Mental health

3.2.3. Work –life imbalance

3.2.4. You don’t always get paid overtime

3.2.5. Reduced job satisfaction

4. Work gradually loses importance and disappears

4.1. Express Delivery

4.2. Cashier

4.3. Waiter