Mind maps: demonstrating knowledge through digital tools

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Mind maps: demonstrating knowledge through digital tools by Mind Map: Mind maps: demonstrating knowledge through digital tools

1. Powerpoints

2. Infographics

3. Video blogs

4. Padlet

5. Sketch together

6. For these resources students can work together or by themselves to create art that explains the ideas, or they can make a guide to how to solve problems in the class. They can also use this artifact to demonstrate solutions in a visual sense rather than in text.

7. This resource can be used for students to post their ideas and concepts for them to discuss with each other and see what other students think and feel.

8. I use flipgrid for the students to either make a blog to explain how the topic works, or for them to make a video channel for them to make an explanation series for them and other students to watch.

9. One of the best ways for students to show understanding of the topic is for them to teach it, and when making an infographic of the topic they can teach others and build a better understanding of the materials.

10. Powerpoint/Slides is a great and simple way for students to share and present their knowledge to others and for them to build skills that allows them to present in front of a group of people.

11. URL: https://sketchtogether.com/

12. URL: https://padlet.com/

13. URL: Flipgrid | Empower Every Voice

14. URL: www.canva.com

15. URL: Google slides https://drive.google.com/drive Powerpoint https://www.office.com/