A Dog House for Fluffy

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A Dog House for Fluffy by Mind Map: A Dog House for Fluffy

1. Top-Level Deliverables

1.1. Strong walls including windows and door

1.2. Concrete heated floor base

1.3. Bowl for food an water

1.4. A completed roof with insulation

2. Lower Level Deliverables

2.1. Less than 5 feet to avoid HOA conflict

2.2. Expense/Total Cost report

2.3. Obtain a total cost for Alice's one time payment fee

3. Tasks to Complete

3.1. Acquire Required Materials and Equipment

3.1.1. Collin P- 5 total hours

3.2. Develop the concrete heating base for the doghouse

3.2.1. Matt K- 10 total hours

3.3. Install the insulated walls and windows onto the concrete base

3.3.1. Gavin R- 15 total hours

3.4. Install the insulated roof and food and water bowl into the doghouse

3.4.1. Timothy L- 10 total hours

3.5. Alice has a completed doghouse!!!

3.5.1. Total hours= 40 hours