Auxilo FAQ Map

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Auxilo FAQ Map by Mind Map: Auxilo FAQ Map


1.1. Journey Cues

1.1.1. Screen 1 ( Mobile number ) Pg 6 FAQ Need for Aadhar Enabled Mobile Number Steps to apply for Auxilo Education Loan I am not receiving OTP on my registered mobile number Tool Tip The tip icon on field Create Account

1.1.2. Pg 2 Location Popup Content Instead of 'App' mention 'We Would like to use....'

1.1.3. Screen 3 (Name,Email,Pin code) FAQ Steps to apply for Auxilo Education Loan Transfer his/her existing education loan to Auxilo ( should be a part of main FAQ ) Serviceable PIN codes Tool Tip Email ID PIN CODE

1.1.4. Screen 5 (Segment Selection) Pg 16 FAQ Am I eligible for a Loan Transfer his/her existing education loan to Auxilo Why Auxilo? More about Auxilo Difference between Auxilo & Banks 3 Steps of our application process

1.1.5. Screen 4 ( Course/Admission Details ) FAQ Courses and countries funded by Auxilo K12 Higher Education Domestic/Abroad Higher Education Abroad Tool tip K12 Higher Education Domestic/Abroad Higher Education Abroad Engaging copy on field selections Entrance Exam

1.1.6. Lead Capture Others PopUp Content Thank You! Your aspiration is our priority. We have received your application and our team will reach out to you soon to discuss your application.

1.1.7. Loan Details Pg 30 FAQ Auxilo's Education Loan borrowing Limit Things that determine my loan limit and tenure Types of Collaterals required for the loan eligibility Tool tip Course Fees Enter your Loan Requirement Loan Tenure

1.1.8. Product Selection Pg 32 FAQ Need details of education loan pay out Is educational loan interest rate same throughout the course Two loans at the same time for two different institutions Penalty for cancelling my loan Re-application of Loan rejected in past, Only for higher education: Ways for disbursing books, insurance, and other living expenses Tool tip Choose The Product

1.1.9. Basic Details of Applicant Pg 34 Tool Tip PAN Card

1.1.10. Applicant KYC Pg37 & Loan Sponsor KYC Tool Tip Take a Selfie Is your Aadhar Number Linked to your mobile Aadhar Card Number (all) FAQ Who can be my co-borrower? I have multi-city/multiple co-applicants My father/Relative works Abroad, can he be a co-borrower/guarantor? Reason why Pan Card is mandatory Aadhar Enabled Mobile Number Can I Come Back & Complete the Application Process?

1.1.11. Applicants Selfie Captured Popup Content Selfie Captured

1.1.12. Aadhar XML Pg 41 & 42 Popup Content Extract Aadhar XML

1.1.13. Scenario B - Aadhar not linked to mobile number Pg 49 Tool Tip KYC Document Document Type (all fields throughout the journer)

1.1.14. Age <18 Popup Content KYC Upload Mandatory - You seems to be over 18 years old and it is mandatory for you to upload your KYC documents

1.1.15. Anchor Screen Tool Tip Loan Sponsor FAQ What are the advantage of applying for a student loan with a credit worthy co-signer ?

1.1.16. Loan Sponsor Consent Tool Tip Get Co-Applicant's Consent

1.1.17. Loan Sponsor Consent Home Page Screen Content - Field & flow wise Hi [FIRSTNAME], please enter your Mobile number to login & give consent to your applicant's loan application

1.1.18. Collateral Details Pg 83 Tool Tips Collateral Type FAQ Types of Collateral that I can offer Is a collateral mandatory for all Auxilo Education Loans?

1.1.19. Employment Details Tool Tip Salaried Self Employed Non Professional Self Employed Professional FAQ How to upload bank statement using online banking ? Acceptable formats of bank statements ? How Safe Is My Bank Statement/Internet Banking Details With Auxilo?

1.1.20. Academic Details Pg 114 Tool Tip Student Academics

1.1.21. Cibil Check FAQ Improve my credit score with My Auxilo Loan ? Credit score for getting the lowest interest rate on my loan Advantages of applying for a loan with a credit worthy co-signer

1.1.22. Current Address Documents FAQ Documents Acceptable as Current Address Proof

1.1.23. Document Type All Fields FAQ Facing issues while uploading documents

1.2. Main FAQ Sections

1.2.1. About Auxilo Questions Who are we? Why Should Auxilo Be Your Education Loan Provider? Which countries does Auxilo provide financial support for? What types of courses do you provide education loans for? How Auxilo differ from Banks ? How Do I Apply For An Education Loan With Auxilo? Can the applicant transfer his/her existing education loan to Auxilo?

1.2.2. Loan Eligibility Sections Documents Required Credit Eligibility .

1.2.3. Application Process Questions How does Auxilo pay out education loans? Will my educational loan interest rate be the same throughout my course? Can I opt for two loans at the same time for two different institutions? Is there a penalty for cancelling my loan? How eMandate works? How eSign works? How are the funds for books, insurance, and other living expenses disbursed? What is the validity of my Sanction Letter? What is disbursement? Why does my sanction letter has a QR Code? What do you mean by the Auxilo pre Admission education loan? What is the benefit of taking one?

1.2.4. Digital Loan Application Related Questions Financials KYC Generic

1.2.5. Managing My Loan Account Sections Repayment Loan Account Related Service Desk


2.1. Questions

2.1.1. Who can avail Education Institution Loans?

2.1.2. Can i avail a loan if i am starting a new school?

2.1.3. Can i avail an unsecured loan ?

2.1.4. How can i approach Auxilo for a loan?

2.1.5. What all can i avail an Education Institution Loan for?

2.1.6. What are the tenure options?

2.1.7. How long it will take to process the Education Institution Loan ?

2.1.8. Do i have to pay login fees?

2.1.9. Do i need a co-borrower/guaranter ?

2.1.10. Do i have the option of part-prepayment/pre-payment of the entire loan amount ?

2.1.11. How do i repay the loan ?

2.1.12. Do i have to pay the processing fees?

2.1.13. What are the stages involved in availing a School loan/Construction loan/Land Loan/Refinance loan/Education infrastructure loan ?

2.1.14. Are these loan options available only for schools?

2.1.15. Will i have to pay extra fee during the tenure of the loan ?

2.1.16. What is the minimum and maximum loan amount that can be availed from Auxilo ?

2.1.17. What is meant by valuation of property ?

2.1.18. What should i do if the branch i approached has not responded satisfactorily?

2.1.19. Is there an option under this loan, where i can pay smaller EMIs in the initial years and gradually increase the EMI value?