Classroom management

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Classroom management by Mind Map: Classroom management

1. Children's abilities

1.1. Ability to grasp meaning

1.2. Creative use of limites language resources

1.3. Capacity for indirect learning

1.4. Instinct for play and fun; for interaction and talk

1.5. Rol of imagination

2. Priorities to attitude goals

2.1. Ways of working with the language for real

2.2. Skills and instincts children bring with them to the classroom

2.3. Chechinkg understanding

2.4. The way we treat mistakes

3. Teachers of young children: attitudes and abilities

3.1. Helping the children to feel secure

3.2. Pleasant and familiar surroundings

3.3. Arranging the desks

3.4. Grouping the children

3.5. Classroom language