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Athena Tech Stack by Mind Map: Athena Tech Stack

1. Database

1.1. Supabase

1.1.1. relational database pros data is consistent in input, meaning, and easy to navigate. change to sql progest easy no backend cons huge cost for vertical scaling

1.2. Firestore

1.2.1. non-relational database pros support big data Horizontal scaling no backend support google authentication cons cannot using the complex query

2. Front-end

2.1. Vuejs

2.1.1. pro Scalability Better performance with smaller size Reactivity

2.1.2. cons Language barrier Limited features A small number of components and plugins lack of web rtc tutorial hard to upgrade version eg. v2 -> v3

2.2. ReactJS

2.2.1. pro Cost-effectiveness Great UX Performance SEO-friendliness Shortened time to market a lot off Web RTC component upgrade version is easy

2.2.2. cons Incompleteness The high pace of development Lack of proper documentation