Concept Map (By Gracie Weber)

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Concept Map (By Gracie Weber) by Mind Map: Concept Map  (By Gracie Weber)

1. Theorists

1.1. Noam Chomsky

1.1.1. known for his LAD theory

1.2. B.K. Skinner

1.2.1. known for his Behaviorism theory

1.3. Stephen Krashen

1.3.1. known for his Second Language Acquisition theory

2. Theories

2.1. LAD=Language Development Theory

2.1.1. This, in summary, is the belief that everyone is born with a list or a set of acceptable sentence structures.

2.2. Behaviorism

2.2.1. A concept that says free will is just an illusion, and that all human action was/is the direct result of conditioning.

2.3. Second Language Acquisition

2.3.1. There is no fundamental difference between the way we acquire first and subsequent languages. Believers of this theory agree that humans just have innate abilities that guide the language learning processes.

3. Elements of Language

3.1. LAD connects with elements of language due to it's connection to sentence structure.

3.1.1. Possible combinations of objects, verbs, subjects, modifiers, etc. are all parts of sentence structure.

3.2. Behaviorism connects to elements of language because this theory insists that children learn based on reinforcement principles associating words with meaning.

3.2.1. So, students responses to operations (such as motivation) plays a crucial role on the result or outcome.

3.3. Second Language Acquisition connects to elements of language because the five hypothesis of this theory are: Monitoring, input, affective filter, natural order, and language acquisition, in no specific order.

3.3.1. Comprehensible input grows during low-anxiety situations and lessons, so this method should be followed with a low-anxiety-setting.