Youth Sports

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Youth Sports by Mind Map: Youth Sports

1. why kids don't want to play sports

1.1. Injuries

1.2. They getting forced yesterday

1.3. Pressure

1.4. Stressed

2. Why kids want to play youth sports

2.1. They enjoy doing

2.2. child centered

2.3. develops the skills

2.4. It keeps them busy

2.5. They will develop long lasting friendship

2.6. It teaches them teamwork

2.7. It helps them stay Physically Active

2.8. Help you relax

3. Playing Sport offers

3.1. Countless benefits

3.2. assists in improving their physical

3.3. social and mental well-being

3.4. Kids develop life long healthy lifestyle habits

3.5. It's a natural stress reliever

3.6. Sports boost esteem

4. Benefits of playing sports

4.1. better sleep

4.2. A Strong Heart

4.3. New connections

4.4. improved lung function

4.5. Increased Confidence

4.6. Reduces

4.7. Improve Mental Health

4.8. Sport Build Leaders

5. communication