Project Event: ACAE

ACAE Event- Hossan, McGrath-Rodriguez, Mungapatla

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Project Event: ACAE by Mind Map: Project Event: ACAE

1. Project Planning

1.1. Project Sponsor Reviews Project Charter

1.1.1. If not approved make necessary changes

1.2. Determine Project Team

1.3. Kick Off Meeting

1.3.1. Requirements of Stakeholders

1.3.2. Develop Communication Plan

1.4. Develop Project Schedule

1.4.1. Define Deadlines

1.5. Develop Resource Plan

1.6. Develop Procurement Plan

1.7. Develop Budget Plan

1.8. Develop Project Performance Plan

1.8.1. Identify Milestones

1.9. Develop Risk Management Plan

1.9.1. Develop Risk Register

2. Event Execution

2.1. Before the Event

2.1.1. Social Media Campaign Sending invitations/notifications Digital Invitations Paper (postal) Invitations

2.1.2. Hiring Employees Identify Staff for Educational Presentations Hiring employee to handle logistics

2.1.3. Plan Weekly meeting for status updates

2.1.4. Check the Resource Checklist before the event

2.1.5. Hand out Project Roadmap to Project Team

2.1.6. Finalizing Venue

2.1.7. Booking Caterer

2.1.8. Booking Entertainment

2.2. Event Day

2.2.1. Set Up Venue Sign Required documents for booking Venue Set up Chairs/tables Decorations Set up electronic needs Caterer Set up Food/Beverages Entertainment Set up

2.2.2. Monitoring Event Activities

3. Initiation

3.1. Develop Project Charter

3.2. Deliverables: Submit Project Charter

3.3. Project Charter signed/approved

4. Control

4.1. Project Status meeting

4.1.1. Aligning projects with portfolio

4.1.2. Cross-checking with project status schedules

4.1.3. Project Budgeting and Forecasting Monitoring Project Costs

4.1.4. Take feedback and reporting

4.1.5. Optimizing Project Strategies

4.2. Risk Management

4.2.1. Identify Risk

4.2.2. Analyze Risk

4.2.3. Evaluate/Rank Risk

4.2.4. Monitor and Review Risk

5. Close-out

5.1. Closing the Event

5.2. Audit Procurement

5.3. Documentation and Event Feedback

5.4. Archive files/documents