Joe Darko: AR & VR

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Joe Darko: AR & VR by Mind Map: Joe Darko: AR & VR

1. Virtual Reality

1.1. The VR experience is fully Immersive

1.2. Device HMD

1.3. Example of VR: playstation Oculus Quest

1.4. Use-Cases: Gaming,Health,Travel

2. Augmented Reality

2.1. Supplemented Experience

2.2. Device:HMD, HUD

2.3. Example: Snap Spectacle, Hululense

2.4. Use-Cases: Commerce, Gaming, Education

2.5. Heads-up Display

3. Social Media

3.1. Changed our lives

3.2. Communication

3.3. interacting with other people

3.4. Connecting with friends, family etc

4. Joe Introduction

4.1. PSU Grad: IST student

4.2. Worked for Microsoft, Facebook, Snapchat

5. AR: Novelty to Utility

5.1. Hard and expensive to implement

5.2. Has many real world uses

6. Virtual Reality

6.1. Utilized during pandemic

6.2. "VR teleports our minds into a world unreal" Page#69

6.3. Brain Body Presence

7. Virtual reality takes on the Work place

7.1. Conferences were being held in VR

7.2. Walk around conference spaces, Allowing for a real world scene

7.3. Allowed for workers to be more flexible

8. Head Up display (HUD)

8.1. "where information is rendered over a scene but is not necessarily a part of it"

8.2. Has a direct connection to Mixed reality

9. Mixed reality

9.1. Merges real and virtual worlds

9.2. Awareness of surrounding world

9.3. Goal: ensure digital objects are indistinguishable from real world

10. Extended Reality Problems

10.1. intersects real world items

10.2. linked to games such as decentraland

10.3. Screen Door Affect

10.3.1. "Aka pixelation" #100

10.4. Expensive to use and to implement

10.5. Technical challenges

10.5.1. Batteries

10.5.2. AoV, FoV, and DoF

10.6. Motion Sickness

11. By: Dominick Barone