James Bond: No time to die

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James Bond: No time to die by Mind Map: James Bond: No time to die

1. when

1.1. 4 october written

1.2. public premiere weekend = 1 to 3 october

1.3. public premiere in the ik 29th september

2. what

2.1. broken international pandemic office

2.2. more succesfull than the 2 biggest films in the history of Franchis (james bond

2.3. holleywood studios crack 100 million dollar without opening china

3. who

3.1. universal pictures

3.2. Danial Craig (james bond)

3.3. mark sweney (article)

4. how

4.1. cinemas

4.2. during the pandamic have a lot of fans been waiting

5. where

5.1. Londen