Reduced relative clauses

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Reduced relative clauses by Mind Map: Reduced relative clauses

1. 1. V-ing

1.1. active meaning

1.2. who/which/that+ be+ V-ing = V-ing

1.2.1. The boy who is listening to music is my brother.= The boy listening to music is my brother

1.3. who/which/that +V= V-ing

1.3.1. The road which leads to my school is narrow= The road leading to my school is narrow

2. II. PII

2.1. passive meaning

2.2. who/which/that +be+PII= PII

2.2.1. This is the book which was written by my brother. = This is the book written by my brother

3. III. To infinitive

3.1. the first/second/third/only.....+ N+ who/which/that+ V = to V

3.1.1. She is the first student who comes to class= She is the first student to come to class

3.2. the first/second/third/only... +N+ who/which/that +be +PII= to be PII

3.2.1. This is the second man who was punished by the boss.= This is the second man to be punished by the boss.