Impact of Lung Disease

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Impact of Lung Disease by Mind Map: Impact of Lung Disease

1. Economy

1.1. Costs of treartment for lung disease have a high cost and is expected to rise to $27 billion due to econmical costs

2. Employment

2.1. Of course poor lungs can cause someone not having the ablity to perform normally due to less air not becing able to move faster, but poor air quality in a workplace can cause employees to become sick and infected.

3. Individual

3.1. Even for day to day things an indivudial with a lung disease will limt them by not being able to perform as good as someone without, as simple as going up the stairs could be pushing limtis for them.

4. Media

4.1. Due to lung diseases having the high chance of being fatal anyone can be affected and again if somone as an important figure is affected it could spark attention in said media.

5. Family

5.1. Lung disease can be gentic and fatal most times, even can be spread through dust that can affect the whole family at once which could lead to death if not treated.

6. health care system

6.1. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death by cancer in men and women so for the health care system to take in so many victoms of lung diseases are hard due to the fatality rate.