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Painting by Mind Map: Painting

1. Colors representing emotions

1.1. SE1.2: Demonstrate identification and expression of emotions

2. CA3.3: Demonstrate creative expression through art appreciation

3. Choosing environments (discussion)

3.1. ELA1.2: Demonstrate expressive communication

3.2. ELA1.3: Demonstrate ability to engage in conversations

4. Types of Brushes

4.1. Different uses of brushes

4.1.1. CA3.2: Demonstrate creative expression through visual art production

4.2. Different Materials

4.3. Names of brushes

4.4. Learning to pick the right brush

5. Environment

5.1. Museums/Famous vs. Home/Casual

5.1.1. SE2.1: Demonstrate self control

5.1.2. CA3.1: Demonstrate creative expression through the visual art process

5.2. Places without paintings and why

5.3. How painting relates to environment/start of paintings in different environments

6. Different Types of Paintings

6.1. Names of different paintings

6.2. How to do/what does into each painting

6.2.1. APL1.1: Demonstrate initiative and self-direction

6.3. How do we identify different paintings

6.4. Easiest to most difficult types of paintings

7. Colors

7.1. Mixing Colors/Rainbows

7.1.1. CA1.1: Demonstrate creative music expression

7.1.2. SC1.2: Demonstrate awareness of the physical properties of objects

7.2. Pastels vs primary colors

7.3. How to know which/when what colors to use for appropriate painting

8. Eating Paint

8.1. SS2.4: Demonstrate awareness of the functions of government

9. Animals

9.1. SC3.1: Demonstrate awareness of life

10. Location of Materials

10.1. SS4.1: Demonstrate awareness of economics

11. Mistakes: What to do?

11.1. Follow Along paintings (Virtual Tour/Guest)

11.1.1. APL2.1: Demonstrate development of flexible thinking skills during play

11.1.2. APL3.1: Demonstrate development of sustained attention and persistence

11.1.3. SS1.1: Demonstrate development of self

11.1.4. SC4.1: Demonstrate engineering design skills

12. SE4.1:Demonstrate relationship skills

13. APL1.2: Demonstrate interest and curiosity as a learner

14. Directions/ways we paint

15. The bad Ideas of/to painting