iPod's Critical Succes Factors

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iPod's Critical Succes Factors by Mind Map: iPod's Critical Succes Factors

1. balance in key activities

1.1. Marketing

1.2. Technology

1.3. User-experience

2. value proposition: total music solution

2.1. Player hard- & firmware

2.2. Integration with existing systems through music management software

2.3. Vast accessory ecosystem

2.4. iTunes store for concent

2.5. Backward compatibility with existing music collections

3. key resources

3.1. Industrial design

3.2. Distribution channels

3.3. Leveraging: hardware and software capabilities through modular innovation

4. strategic partners

4.1. Music industry labels for content

4.2. Value added accessory ecosystem

4.3. Outsourcing of manufacturing

5. customer relationships

5.1. Loyal core-customer base attributed to early market succes and further product development

5.2. High brand awareness and appeal in the mainstream market.

6. distribution channels

6.1. Existing sales channels for early market

6.2. Increase of addressable market through addition of mainstream retail channels

6.3. iTunes store content distribution

7. customer segment

7.1. Early niche in: existing installed-base

7.2. Increase accessible market through windows competability

7.3. Must have for the trendy and fashionable

7.4. Trickle down effect into the overall mainstream market

8. cost

8.1. Labour

8.2. Manufacturing

8.3. Brand-image

8.4. Content infrastructure

9. revenues

9.1. iPod players

9.2. iTunes store

9.3. Accessory licensing