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1. the possible effects or symptoms after getting the vaccine are mild, it depends on the person, some people suffer effects and others do not. According to my relatives who have been vaccinated, they have experienced pain in the arm, mild fever, tiredness, chills, fatigue and headache.

2. I can say that the "Vacunaton" which is the campaign against Covid 19 in Peru the results of each week are excellent because many people are going to get vaccinated their two doses, besides that each week advances the age limit for vaccination this will cause that everyone can get vaccinated even children! Also I consider it as a Halloween 2.0 because many people go to get vaccinated dressed as their favorite series or movies like Casa de papel, Squid game, Spiderman, Dragon ball and others is a good cause to have fun too.

3. I believe that the covid vaccine is a good creation for humanity because these vaccines give us many benefits such as protecting us from the Coronavirus (Covid 19), reducing the risk of infection, giving us security and are also effective.

4. COVID-19 vaccines are used to prime the immune system and protect against this disease. These vaccines are a vital tool to help stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. What do you think about the creation of vaccines against the COVID-19?

6. What are the possible symptoms that a person can feel after getting vaccinated?

7. What do you think about the process of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in our country?

8. What are the Covid 19 vaccines?