Task Analysis Content Structures

Task Analysis

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Task Analysis Content Structures by Mind Map: Task Analysis Content Structures

1. Facts

1.1. 58,868 students, 77 schools: 42 Elementary, 20 Middle, 12High schools

1.2. Operating budget of School System:918.7 Million

1.3. System shows 1100 substitutes but not all of them are working.To be an active substitute, you have to work few days during a semester

1.4. Substitutes will learn terms like attention, intervention,connection. guidelines

2. Concepts

2.1. IEP students/Individualized Educational Plan

2.2. ESOL students/English to speaker of other languages

2.3. Daily substitute training would be different than anyone taking short term or long term assignments

3. Principles and Rules

3.1. Low pay is leading substitutes to not take assignments on a daily basis

3.2. Increase in pay rate during Pandemic increased the number of active substitutes by a small proportion but they were not trained in virtual teaching

4. Procedures

4.1. Psychomotor and Cognitive skills

4.2. Asynchronous training regarding classroom management skills within 30 days of hiring period

4.3. Asynchronous training regarding basic policies in school system

5. Interpersonal Skills

5.1. Establish guidelines

5.2. Make eye contact , be polite but firm

5.3. Keep students engaged

5.4. Creating atmosphere of respect

5.5. Time management skills

5.6. Pronouncing names correctly

6. Attitudes

6.1. Substitute teachers are not respected for the value they bring to the schools

6.2. Administration and mainstream teachers need to support and have detail lesson plans for substitutes including any differentiated classroom strategies they are using so Subs can make connections with the students

6.3. Substitute teacher training will focus on teaching aspect as well classroom management so they feel confident in their job