Owls in the Family

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Owls in the Family by Mind Map: Owls in the Family

1. author

1.1. Ruskin Bond

1.1.1. born on 19 May 1934

1.1.2. an Indian author of British descent.

1.1.3. has written hundreds of short stories, essays, novels and books for children.

1.1.4. awards Padma Shri in 1999 Padma Bhushan in 2014

2. characters

2.1. The narrator

2.1.1. spotted baby owlet on verandah steps.

2.1.2. used an apron to feed owl

2.2. spotted owlets

2.2.1. mother owl is not normally afraid of man fed and protected baby owls

2.2.2. baby owls fallen through pipe on the ground by the verandah steps. snap at anyone in trousers.

2.3. Grandfather

2.3.1. release owlets into the garden

2.3.2. wore a petticoat while feeding them

2.4. grandmother

2.4.1. likes little owlets

2.4.2. fed them spaghetti

2.5. aunt Mabel

2.5.1. neighbour

2.5.2. terrified of owls

3. setting

3.1. small-town

3.2. verandah

3.3. garden

4. plot

4.1. found baby owlets by verandah steps.

4.2. firstly owlet hissed after meal they were happy and became friendly

4.3. grandmother fed them spaghetti and they felt safe

4.4. grandfather released owlets into the garden after 10 days

4.5. they were excellent pest destroyers

4.6. owls loved to sit and splash cold water

4.7. lookind back the narator remembers how friendly the owls were.

5. themes

5.1. nature

5.1.1. story deals with birds and trees

5.2. love

5.2.1. grandmother use to love animals and they also showed affection by woow sound

5.3. caring

5.3.1. narater and his grand parents cared when they fell and also fed them.

5.4. animals

5.4.1. owls are not bad omen they are just birds

5.5. freedom

5.5.1. grandfather sets them free in garden

5.6. affection

5.6.1. grandmother showes affection and gives food

6. ending

6.1. narrator remember those owlish days.

6.2. he remembers the picture of grandmother in the rocking chair.

6.3. once grandmother was having afternoon nap he saw owls had crawled up her pillow

6.4. Both Grandmother and the little owl were snoring.