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Robotics by Mind Map: Robotics

1. Examples of robotic devices that help us:

1.1. -a small circular vacume cleaner that vacumed your house itself.

1.2. - Siri on your phone

1.3. - Self service checkout

1.4. - I saw on some movies that a robot dismantle a bomb without humans having to go near it.

1.5. - Alexa, Hey google and Siri

1.6. - Drones

2. Robotics is for making humans lives easier and safer.

2.1. Robotics is now being used in new cars to help drivers be safe/pedestrian safety and parking your car.

3. Examples of robotic devices that improve on peoples jobs:

3.1. - Surgeons and doctors use a form of robots to help operate on people.

3.2. - In the car building industry robots build the cars