Speaker and Chapter 3

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Speaker and Chapter 3 by Mind Map: Speaker and Chapter 3

1. Guest Speaker Joe

1.1. -Graduated from Penn State University

1.2. Worked at Facebook, Microsoft, and now Snapchat

1.3. IST Major

2. What is AR?

2.1. Experience: Supplemented

2.2. Device: HMD, HUD

2.3. Example: Snapchat Spectacles

3. What is VR?

3.1. Experience: Fully Immersive

3.2. Device: HMD

3.3. Example: Oculus Quest

3.4. Use Cases: Gaming, Health, Travel

4. Joe's Points about Social Media

4.1. Changed our lives forever

4.2. Communication

4.3. Interaction

4.4. Connecting

4.5. Powerful Medium

5. Lens Studio

5.1. Snapchat interface that allows developers and designers to create new filters

6. Page 69

6.1. "VR teleports our minds into a world unreal"

6.2. This reminds me of when Joe said that VR's experience is fully Immerisve

7. Page 73

7.1. Google Glass

7.2. "Google's augmented reality eyepiece called Glass was making waves. AT $1500 a pop, its failed to penetrate the market like Oculus, but gave the world a glimpse of what could be achieved in an eyeglass -sized form factor."

8. Page 75

8.1. Field of View

8.2. Wider screens an optics provide a greater FOV

8.3. I find it interesting how a wider screen can give you a dramatically different VR experience

9. Page 78

9.1. Mixed Reality

9.2. "Requires a detailed awareness of the surrounding world"

9.3. "MR is significantly more difficult to achieve"

10. Page 81

10.1. Companies Goals

10.2. "Microsoft wants all of it. They want to build a world for you, and oasis you can escape to and live in , comprised of games, work, and of course, your social fabric"

10.3. This seems spooky and dystopian to me, reminded me of the Social Dilemma and the things they were talking about in that regarding taking control of your social life (manipulation)