Extended Reality

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Extended Reality by Mind Map: Extended Reality

1. Virtual Reality -- from Joe's talk

1.1. Fully immersive

1.2. Gaming, health, travel

1.3. Head Mounted Display (HMD)

2. Augmented Reality -- from Joe's talk

2.1. Supplemented reality

2.2. Education, commerce, games

2.3. Heads Up Display (HUD) or HMD

3. Moving from novelty to utility

3.1. Bringing the price down

3.2. Making the technology smaller and more comfortable

3.3. "When confronted by eager business owners dreaming of world domination, programmers often joke that scaling a product is not the problem -- it's getting people to care." (page 95 in the book)

4. Degrees of Freedom, or DoF, in VR applications (page 75 in the book)

4.1. "In the simplest VR, a smartphone and Google Cardboard, you're limited to looking around a 3D scene in a seated position." (3DoF)

4.2. "Positional and standing VR, like Sony PlayStation VR or the Oculus Quest, are called 6DoF."

4.3. "An incremental improvement to 6DoF is called room-scale VR and allows you to move around a fixed space."

5. AR Glasses

5.1. Google's glasses were too early. Too clunky, ugly, heavy, and expensive for people to adopt.

5.2. Snapchat's glasses are trying to improve on the caveats of Google's, now that the tech has come a long way.

5.3. Goal is to have information in a HUD style, like restaurant menus, prices, directions, etc.