Energy Options

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Energy Options by Mind Map: Energy Options

1. Renewable

1.1. Biomass-old plants and other waste is burned to produce methane

1.1.1. Cheap, accessible

1.1.2. Still worsens greenhouse effect, crops must be replanted

1.2. Wood- specific type of trees are burned

1.2.1. Cheap, easy access

1.2.2. Not a lot of energy produced, transportation

1.3. Solar poweredd

1.3.1. Solar-photovolatic cells- turning solar radiation into electricity via chemical energy safe, potentially infinite supply Costly, high maintenance

1.3.2. Concentrated solar power (CSP)- where mirrors are arranged to focus solar energy at one point where it heats up creating steam turbine costs the same as fossil fuels, renewable new technology, locational

1.3.3. Solar-passive- solar panels on roofs capturing sunlight minimal cost requires architects

1.4. Water

1.4.1. Hydroelectric Power (HEP)- harnessed from the movement of rivers, lakes and dams to power turbines High quality, creates water reserves Costly to build, dams have major impact on local waters

1.4.2. Tidal-large barrages are built channeling ocean water to make energy through turbines Should be ideal for island countries, generates lots of energy Very costly, will disrupt ocean life

1.4.3. Wave- movement of sea water traps compressed air driving a turbine Smaller, good for islands storm damage, bad for the environment

1.5. Wind- wind turbines like windmills

1.5.1. clean energy, little maintenance

1.5.2. relies on weather, noise pollution

1.6. Geothermal- uses the earths heat and pumps cold water into it creating steam

1.6.1. Infinite supply, used successfully in some places

1.6.2. expensive, only works in volcanic areas

2. Non-renewable

2.1. Fossil Fuels

2.1.1. Coal-Made from burning fossilized plants mined from a source found deep in mines Cheap, needs no processing Used only once, Releases CO2

2.1.2. Oil- liquid made from liquidized fossils found in rocks. Extracted by oil wells Many uses, easy to mine Limited supply, Oil spills

2.1.3. Natural Gas- Methane gas and other hydrocarbons are extracted from rocks Energy gained, ready made fuel Limited supply, Gives off CO2

2.2. Nuclear Fission- Splitting Uranium and adding an abundance of neutrons creates massive amounts of energy

2.2.1. Can last a long time, little amount creates a lot of energy

2.2.2. Lots of money, Radioactive waste is highly toxic