Multiple Intelligences

Mind Map for multiple intelligences. Sallie Sullivan

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Multiple Intelligences by Mind Map: Multiple Intelligences

1. musical

1.1. Enjoy singing and playing musical instruments

1.2. Recognize musical patterns and tones easily

1.3. Remember songs and melodies

1.4. Have a rich understanding of musical structure, rhythm, and notes

2. Visual-spatial

2.1. Read and write for enjoyment

2.2. Are good at putting puzzles together

2.3. Interpret pictures, graphs, and charts well

2.4. Enjoy drawing, painting, and the visual arts

2.5. Recognize patterns easily

3. Logical-Mathmatical

3.1. Have excellent problem-solving skills

3.2. Enjoy thinking about abstract ideas

3.3. Like conducting scientific experiments

3.4. Can solve complex computations

4. Bodily-Kinesthetic

4.1. Are skilled at dancing and sports

4.2. Enjoy creating things with his or her hands

4.3. Have excellent physical coordination

4.4. Remember by doing, rather than hearing or seeing

5. Naturalistic

5.1. Are interested in subjects such as botany, biology, and zoology

5.2. Categorize and catalog information easily

5.3. Enjoy camping, gardening, hiking, and exploring the outdoors

5.4. Dislikes learning unfamiliar topics that have no connection to nature

6. Linguistic-Verbal

6.1. Remember written and spoken information

6.2. Enjoy reading and writing

6.3. Debate or give persuasive speeches

6.4. Are able to explain things well

6.5. Use humor when telling stories

7. Interpersonal

7.1. Communicate well verbally

7.2. Are skilled at nonverbal communication

7.3. See situations from different perspectives

7.4. Create positive relationships with others

7.5. Resolve conflicts in group settings

8. Intrapersonal

8.1. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses well

8.2. Enjoy analyzing theories and ideas

8.3. Have excellent self-awareness

8.4. Understand the basis for his or her own motivations and feelings

9. Gifted Students and Teachers

9.1. Supports different kinds of giftedness

9.1.1. Helps all students showcase their talents

9.2. Allows teacher to engage students by identifying interests and strengths

9.3. Puts new tools in a teacher's toolbox

9.4. Students with non-traditional intelligences can be valued and recognized

9.5. Reach more students; increase learning

9.6. Helps all students showcase their talents and abilities

10. Howard Gardner