Sports Nutrition concept map. Golf

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Golf by Mind Map: Golf

1. Tiger woods and nutrition

1.1. "At home, he eats around 5 meals a day," says Tiger Woods. "During tournaments, I eat around 7 meals a day". Mr. Woods is a big meat and potatoes guy.

1.2. Tiger Woods has a very good metabolism and he tends struggle to eat a lot of food. When he does not eat a lot of food he losses weight pretty fast.

1.3. His go-to meal is Steak and potatoes with a dash of black pepper.

1.4. Tiger is very strict with his diet and has trying to keep the inflammation down and to stay as fit a possible. This is due to his old age. "It sucks to get older" says Mr. Woods.

2. Nutrition experts say, a golfer's nutrition can make or break winning the cup

2.1. Some notes expert Mitch. He says one of the most important things is hydration levels. As I said in the Water slide marked in dark blue. Losing concentration is HUGE in golf. Golf is all about concentrating before each hit. With low water levels, you can easily go from first place to last.

2.2. Expert Mitch, also recommends filling protein bars. He says its important to not be hungry on the course but also to not be over stuffed. He says protein bars are a great addition as they give you energy, protein and fill you up.

2.3. Just like Tiger Woods, many golf players carry a bag of nuts. Nuts are a low Gl food which assists in prolong nutrition and prvied energy for a longer period of time.

2.4. Every golfer typically carries an internode as explained in our lecture. It a great source ot replensih electrolytes.

2.5. You can never go wrong with the famous palate method recommended by many

2.5.1. The most common recommendation of organizing your plate after exercise .

3. Fats

3.1. Essential Fatty Acids

3.1.1. Omega 3

3.1.2. Omega 6 Lack of omega 6 causes cells to not work porperly Ex. Dry skin, dandruff and excessive thirst

3.2. Provide energy

3.2.1. Lack of omega 3 can cause fatigue or trouble sleeping Can take 6 weeks top 6 months to see effects of omega fatty acids deficiency

3.3. Helps you grow

3.4. Too much of bad fats can cause heart disease

3.4.1. Ex. To much Saturated fats

3.5. The recommended amount of fat is around 20% of a golfer's daily calories

3.6. 9kcal per gram

4. Proteins

4.1. Vegetable sources

4.2. 4kcal per gram

4.3. Protein's macromolecules rebuild muscle tissue and also regulates chemical processes

4.4. Protein should be 20-30% of a golfer's diet

4.5. Examples are fish, poultry, milk, cheese and vegetables

4.6. Lack of protein will cause a loss in muscle mass which can disturb your game relates to waht i said in bodyweight section below

5. Anaerobic energy system

5.1. Anaerobic energy system is training of equal to or less than 2 mins.

5.1.1. Golf does not necessarily fall in the categories of anaerobic training. As its sport that takes a long time and is not short intervals

6. Body mass index

6.1. Healthy BMI for golfer's is ranging from 18.5 to 24.9

6.1.1. Body Mass Index Chart

7. Body weight

7.1. Change in body can really effect a golfers performance

7.1.1. When practicing you get used to the amount of thrust and leverage in your swing. Once you either lose or gain a significant amount of weight. Your swings will no longer be accurate and it will ruin your swing.

7.1.2. Studies do not recommend a large scale change in weight as it will take time to get back into your old rhythm

8. Water

8.1. The most undervalued nutrient for a golfer

8.1.1. Water intake is crucial part of golfing Even a slight drop of dehydration can cause fatigue and confusion which can ruin a game

8.1.2. As in hotter temperature's golfer's sweat a lot and we need to keep hydrated to replenish our body

8.2. If you are ever thirsty there is always cart concession around the golf course to make sure you are always hydrated.

8.3. Athletes typically drink water every hole, but consume snack such as nuts, Gatorade or bars every 2 or 3 holes

9. Energy System's

9.1. Golf uses both Phosphagen Energy System and Aerobic Energy System

9.1.1. Phosphagen energy system is used when swinging the club at high intensity using the ATP pool Stores ATP and Creating Phosphate

9.1.2. Gold is a high-intensity low interval sport. As golf can multiple hours to play it uses the aerobic energy system A full course of golf is high-low intensity prolonged exercise Stores glucose with 02 and fatty acids and amino acids

10. Pre workout meal

10.1. A single high fat meal

10.2. During exercise

10.2.1. Medium chain triglycerides

10.3. After exercise

10.3.1. High fat meal post exercise

10.4. Before a round, you should consume a meal rich in protein (eggs, meat or fish), healthy fats (salmon, avocado or nuts), low-glycemic carbs like fruits, beans and vegetables. As well as a small portion of whole-grain starches such as (rice, potatoes, whole grain items. says Jones. (golf professional)

10.4.1. Great example. I made this at home too. Very filling.

11. Diet

11.1. As indicated in blue, a golfer's diet consists of good carbs, proteins and fats

11.2. A fat or bad diet will destroy your game. When going professional it is always recommended to get a professional nutritionist to help with your body. They will tell you what to put in your body and how much. Never always follow online diets as they vary between people.

12. Post workout

12.1. Some great ptions are yogurt and fruit

12.2. Peanut butter sandich

12.3. Low-fat chcocoalte recovery smoothie

12.4. Turkey with whole grain food and vegetables

12.5. Grilled chicken rice and vegetables. My go to!

12.5.1. Example if you click the arrow

12.6. Post and pre workout examples

13. Carbohydrates

13.1. Around 50% of a golfer's diet should be from whole grain carbohydrates

13.1.1. Examples are, whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and quinoa

13.2. Preferred source of energy for the body

13.3. 4kcal per gram

13.4. Lack of carbohydrtae will cause the bbdy to underperfor,

13.4.1. Can cause hyploglycemia

13.5. Carbohydrates are used in both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems