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Enzymes by Mind Map: Enzymes
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Biological catalysts


pH sensitive

Temperature sensitive

Water soluble

3D conformation

Does not alter properties of end products of reaction

Highly specific

Highly efficient in small amounts

Optimum temperature for human enzymes: 37 Degree celsius

Protease optimum pH level: Low (about 2 to 4 pH) Amylase optimum pH level: high (alkaline,approx 7 to 10 pH level)

Different hypothesis

Lock and key diagram (exact fit)

"Induced Fit"

Factors affecting Enzyme Action

Definition of enzyme action


Substrate concentration

Enzyme concentration

pH-> varying optimum pH level for each substrate

Enzyme Inhibition

Competitive inhibitor

Non-competitive inhibitor

Industrial uses of enzymes

Protease enzymes



immobilising enzymes