Language Acquisition

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Language Acquisition by Mind Map: Language Acquisition


1.1. Skinner's language acquisition theory was based on behaviorism. He states that children learn language based on the behaviorist reinforcement principle by associating words with meanings.

1.1.1. Positive & negative rewards are used.

1.2. Chomsky's theory was the Theory of Universal Grammar Is Right and that it is hardwired into our brains.

1.2.1. Language is innate, and we are born with an understanding of how it works

1.3. Lev Vygotsky's interactionist theory is based on the idea that when humans interact with one another they create meanings to themselves and things around them.

1.3.1. The interactions between humans and their everyday surroundings.


2.1. SKINNER: Children learn language based on behavior reinforcement principles. Heavy importance on the classroom environment because the classroom is the main source of learning.

2.2. CHOMSKY: Children are born with being able to develop their language. Teachers are able to just help develop being able to speak and understand the language, but everything is in their brain already.

2.3. VYGOTSKY: Children will learn language by the things that surround them. They will learn how to speak by being around their teachers and peers in the classroom. They will learn language by the things that are within their environment.



3.1.1. known for his influence on behaviorism. He said that changes in behavior are the results of an individuals' response to events that occur in one's environment.


3.2.1. Known for his influence for linguistics. He said that formal grammar was responsible for a person's ability to understand and interpret.


3.3.1. known for his sociocultural theory and believed that social interactions are a part of the continuous learning process.