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Pride by Mind Map: Pride

1. Good

1.1. Self-Confidence

1.1.1. Better Self-esteem

1.1.2. Better attitude more friends

1.1.3. feel more comfortable with yourself

1.2. Better outside image of yourself

1.2.1. People see you differently

1.2.2. People notice you

2. New node

3. Bad

3.1. Boasting/Bragging

3.1.1. cocky

3.1.2. make rude/judging remarkds can get into trouble

3.2. feeling TOO good about yourself (overconfident)

3.2.1. making others feel worst/bad

3.2.2. doing things that aren't "you" being outrageous (sometimes in a bad way)

3.3. easy to become embarrassed/humbled

3.3.1. can make easy mistakes