Wedding Dance Q&A Video series

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Wedding Dance Q&A Video series by Mind Map: Wedding Dance Q&A Video series


1.1. Direct Costs

1.1.1. Time Candy-Only Sessions Setup (1 hour) Filming (2-3 hours) Interview Sessions Setup (1.5 hour) Filming

1.2. Indirect Costs

1.2.1. Overhead

1.2.2. Administrative


2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Answer major questions regarding Wedding Dance

2.1.2. Build connection and trust with potential couples

2.1.3. Provide a set of prerequisites for potential couples to prepare

2.2. Deliverables

2.2.1. Candy-only videos X4

2.2.2. Interview videos X2


3.1. Milestone 1: Finishing the script (End of October)

3.2. Milestone 2: Storyboarding (First week of November)

3.3. Milestone 3: Filming of Candy only sessions (November)

3.4. Milestone 4: Filming of Interview sessions (November?)

3.5. Milestone 5: Post production (November?)

4. Questions

4.1. Interviews: are we doing them at the studio, or on location?

4.1.1. On location: one session for each interview, including filming of B-roll footage of product/demonstration.

4.1.2. At studio: We need to add separate on-location filming sessions with the interviews.

4.2. Class videos for B-roll: how much free hand do we have to film classes?

4.2.1. Had stock footage (Candy not in shot)