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Loot Boxes by Mind Map: Loot Boxes

1. Often compared to things such as Kinder Surpiss; “ isn't Kinder Surpise a chocolate loot box just marketed to Kids”

2. Belgium - game developers stopped selling loot boxes and in-game currency

3. Previously the UK did not recognise loot boxes as gambling because you need to be able officially trade the items for real life money ( which back in the date was impossible)

4. China - regulated loot boxes in 2016; developers must provide names of the loot boxes content and it’s probably of winning; limited amount of loot boxes can be bought during the day

5. Examples of other countries that banned or regulated loot boxes

6. Young addicts are more likely to become gamblers

7. Gambling related problem

7.1. Mental distress

7.2. Premature addiction

7.3. New ways of gambling ( old addicts might become addictive again)

7.4. Financial management problems (proved that gamers who play games without loot boxes spend less money)

7.5. Gambling addiction spreads further on randomised online purchases

7.6. Many gambling associations have raised their concerns

8. Young addicts

8.1. How many ?

8.2. Average spending

8.3. Concerned parents

9. How do we ban it ?

9.1. United Kingdom- petition in 2019; encouraging of Gambling Act 2005 reviews by the House of Lords in 2020; current law is outdated and does not cover loot boxes

9.2. Netherlands- 2018; licence is required which game developers cannot be given

9.3. Belgium - form of illegal gambling since 2018

9.4. Germany - 2020, consideration

9.5. Brazil - 2020, consideration

10. Problems with outlawing loot boxes

10.1. Difficult to regulate as under 18s can use share accounts on consoles

10.2. Game developers argue that loot boxes are not related to gambling; EA Director “ there is always something to return for the money you spend

10.3. The government kept encouraging self-regulation however no significant effect

11. Effectiveness of outlawing loot boxes

11.1. Belgium - some mobile games has been withdrawn

11.2. Belgium and Netherlands - EA risked prosecution after refusing to comply with new regulations

11.3. China - twh regulations balanced out the issues between game developers and gambling

11.4. Belgium - many other in-game purchases has been disabled

11.5. China - allowed gamers to assess their chances of winning their desirable item