Research Areas

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Research Areas by Mind Map: Research Areas

1. Compiler & Programming Languages

1.1. Logical formalisms for algorithm specification

1.2. Mapcode formalism for algorithm specification

1.3. Code generation for Domain Specific Languages targeting FPGAs

2. Mathematical Computer Science and Formal Methods

2.1. Mapcode and mathematical Computer Science

2.2. Wrokflow specifications using Session types

2.3. Web security models in Alloy

3. Model Driven Development

3.1. Aspects and Model based testing

3.2. Concurrent and distributed software architecure

4. S/W Engineering Education

4.1. Case Study Oriented Learning environment design and evaluation

4.2. Programming Education

4.3. Gamification

5. Technology for Education

5.1. Development and deployment of virtual labs

5.2. Virtual labs for programming language and System Software

5.3. Computer Science Pedagogy

5.4. Algebraic modelling of educational workflow

6. Usability Engineering

6.1. Formal specification of User Interfaces

6.2. Standardization of mobile interfaces

6.3. Augmented and virtual reality

7. Semantic Web Architecture

7.1. Enhancing Business via Social Media

7.2. Internationalisation of Webapps

7.3. Web personalization and renarration

7.4. Ontology based educational modelling frameworks

7.5. Crowdsourcing

8. Distributed Systems and Cloud computing

8.1. Low power approximate circuits

8.2. Distributed deep learning techniques

8.3. Dynamic resource allocation includes game theory

8.4. Large scale distributed model checking

8.5. FPGA Programming for Deep Learning

9. Software Quality Engineering

9.1. Software Quality Assessment and detection

9.2. Defect Prediction and dependency analysis

9.3. QaaS(Quality as a Service) in Large Scale Development

10. Mining S/W Architectures

10.1. Lean Product Lines

10.2. Formal Specification of Security

10.3. Systematic Module Selection for Opportunistic Reuse