How to wake up not tired:

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How to wake up not tired: by Mind Map: How to wake up not tired:

1. In the morning:

1.1. Don't hit the snooze button.

1.2. Stretch (like doing some easy yoga).

1.3. Take a cold shower.

1.4. Splash cold water on your face.

1.5. Try a morning with breakfast and a morning without breakfast and see what works for you.

1.6. If you do eat something in the morning, don't go for sugary stuff.

1.7. If the sun is out, open the curtains, stick your head out the window and get some fresh air.

1.8. Do mental accounting.

1.9. Make your bed when you wake up.

1.10. Try to wake up at the same time each day.

2. In the evening:

2.1. Don't eat a lot before you sleep.

2.2. Drink enough water (and keep water near your bed).

2.3. Don't drink coffee before bed and experiment with how you feel drinking certain amounts of coffee during the day.

2.4. Be clean before you go to bed.

2.5. Make sure you go to sleep in a clean and comfortable bed.

2.6. Don't play games or do anything that might stress you out before you sleep. For the hour before you sleep try and do something very relaxing, such as reading a book or just relaxing on the sofa. Don't look at screens right before bedtime.

2.7. Go to the bathroom before you sleep.

2.8. Don't hang out in the bedroom before bedtime as much as is possible.

2.9. Don't drink alcohol before bedtime.

2.10. Don't smoke before bedtime. If you are super-addicted, at least try not to smoke an hour before bedtime.

3. During the night:

3.1. Turn off the alerts during the night.

4. In general:

4.1. Exercise.

4.2. Paint the bedroom blue.