Native American Tribes

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Native American Tribes by Mind Map: Native American Tribes

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2. Inuit

2.1. They lived in what is now northern Canada and Alaska.

2.2. Temperatures in these Arctic areas are below freezing much of the year.

2.3. They followed the roaming herds of caribou, seals, fish, and migrating birds such as ducks and geese.

2.4. Their homes were often a simple lean-to made out of animal skins and plant materials or igloo structures.

2.5. They used animal skins from the animals that they hunted for clothes

3. Pueblo

3.1. They were located in the Basin and Range, in the present-day states of New Mexico and Arizona.

3.2. They lived in adobes made from a mixture of sun dried earth and straw.

3.3. he clothes of the Pueblos were made of leather, fur, and cotton.

3.4. The men hunted wild animals like deer, rabbits, antelope and bear for food, while women and children collected wild berries. The Pueblo also farmed. They raised corn, beans, and squash.

3.5. The climate of this area is hot and dry.

4. Lakota

4.1. The Lakota people lived in the interior of the United States called the Great Plains region.

4.2. They have hot summers and long, cold winters with very little rainfall.

4.3. they hunted buffalo and antelope, grew crops such as maize, beans, and pumpkins, and gathered wild berries and fruits.

4.4. Their homes were tee-pees made of buffalo skins held up by wooden poles and domed-shaped lodges covered by earth or grass.

4.5. The Lakota people made much of their clothing from the skin of deer and antelope. Men wore animal skin leggings and buffalo furs over their shoulders while women wore dresses made of deerskin. On their feet they wore animal skin moccasins.

5. Kwakiutl

5.1. They lived in the Pacific Northwest Coast in the Coastal Range Region of North America.

5.2. The climate in this area is mild. Warm winds bring a lot of moisture from the ocean and as much as 100 inches of rain can fall each year.

5.3. Their main source of food was fish and seals from the rivers, streams, and ocean. The women gathered shellfish and berries to add to their diet.

5.4. Many Kwakiutl's lived in longhouses also known as plank houses.

5.5. Their clothing was made mainly using animal skins and furs, but they also made many articles of clothing from the bark of the cedar trees. The men usually didn't wear anything

6. Iroquois

6.1. They northeastern part of North America called the Eastern Woodland.

6.2. It has cold winters with snow and warm summers with plenty of rain.

6.3. They hunted deer and black bear, fished, grew corn, beans, and squash, and gathered nuts and berries.

6.4. Their homes were longhouses made of bent wooden poles and sheets of elm tree bark.

6.5. They made most of their clothing from deerskin including long skirts, vests, leggings, moccasins and fur capes.